Towing Activities

Your transport is our challenge

With our tug Noordwaard 2, we carry out tow-pushing and salvage activities throughout the Netherlands, including the fresh and saltwater.


The power of our tug Noordwaard 3 is her small draft (less than 50cm) so that we can be of service even in the smallest ditches.


We are specialized in transporting small and fragile objects. For example, the transport of pleasure yachts, small houseboats, yachts with engine problems, etc ... These types of vessels require a completely different form of transport than a vessel that has been developed to be towed/pushed.


(Our work takes place with due observance of the "algemene sleepconditiën 1965"; "Huurvoorwaarden bagger- en aanemingswerken 1994". Transportation insurance for the goods transported must be taken out by the client at his own expense) Upon request, we will provide the above documents to you without obligation.


Towing company and Maritime Services

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